Officer’s Messages – May 2019

From the East
WM Eric Willson

We put on a great Entered Apprentice degree last month.  Afterwards, once I had returned home from the lodge, I found myself pondering the working tools lecture I had heard yet again that night.

While trying to cut down on the superfluities of life sounds simple and straight forward, identifying what is unnecessary and what is truly important to your mental and even spiritual well-being not be.  And once something is knocked away, it might not be easily found again.  Quiet contemplation is a must in all decisions.

Fraternally yours,
Eric Willson
Worshipful Master

From the West
Bro John Krikorian

We’ve been improving our Degree Work and I thank all the Brothers who stepped up to assist and learn new work. One of the benefits of learning new parts is that it deepens and extends your appreciation and understanding of the work.

I’ve heard some of those lectures a hundred times, but it wasn’t until I started to learn one, that I felt like I truly started to understand it.

As we start thinking about the summer, I challenge each of you to identify some of our work that you would like to learn and get started! If you need a suggestion, I or any other officer would be pleased to discuss some suitable options.

John Krikorian
Senior Warden

From the South
Bro Dick Wright

Hope all of you are well, are you hungry? May 1 Stated Meeting dinner will be at 6:30 and we’re having cheese burgers, fries and salad, and of course cookies.  May 22 will be family dinner and we’re having meatloaf, green beans, cornbread and salad.  All of course subject to change.  See you there.

Dick Wright
Junior Warden

From the Secretary
Bro Rob Noland

At the stated meeting, we will vote on two amendments to the Lodge bylaws.  The text of them was attached to last month’s Trestle board.  One proposed amendment will allow the Lodge to reschedule its stated meeting to the second Wednesday of the month when the first Wednesday falls on a holiday.  This situation will occur next year on the New Year’s holiday.

The second proposed amendment adds more specificity to the agenda of the stated meeting.  This will better enable the Worship Master to schedule certain topics at a particular place in the meeting.

Both amendments serve the Lodge by allowing more flexibility while ensuring order.  I ask for your affirmative vote.

Rob Noland