Mt Moriah #39 - F&AM - Henderson, NV

(L to R): SW Keir Hales; Webmason Stan Hecker; WM Isaias Vargas; Mike McElwain, Father Tom McElwain and Uncle Doug McElwain (from Louisiana)

Standing in the East

Standing in the East



Date Reminder

NOTE:  The Stated Meeting will open at 7:30 P.M., the first Wednesday of each month
All Called Communications this year will begin at 7:00  or as announced.

February 3rd, Sunday, (Pre Game time), 1pm:  Superbowl  Party at the lodge hosted by Secretary Mike Harris PM.  Main course meal at Half Time.  Desert at end of 3rd Qtr.  BYOB and RSVP to Mike Harris to attend.  Requested $20 donation @ attendee to go into $$ pool to be donated to charity of winner’s choice after lodge costs.
This function is restricted to Masonic membership unless by permission of Secretary Mike Harris.  If you do not have his phone number you can contact me at 270-6432 and I will get the message to him- – – Stan Hecker, Web Mason.

February 6th, Wednesday, 7:30pm: Mt. Moriah Stated Business Meeting
The Henderson Temple Association has called for a special meeting to take place immediately following the Mt Moriah meeting.  This serves as notice. All Membership is welcome to attend.

February 8 (Friday)-10th (Sunday): Grand Lodge Education Seminar for attendees.

February 12th, Tuesday, 7:00pm:  Boulder City Lodge  Grand Master’s Official Visitation.

February 13th, Wednesday, 6:30pm:
George Washington Birthday celebration dinner with Acacia Lodge #49 and King Solomon Lodge #58 as our guests.  Scheduled dinner will be Chicken Cordon Bleu (in honor of the French who helped Washington at the siege of Yorktown.)

February 20th, Wednesday, 7:00pm:
Entered Apprentice degree for Darnelle Beadle.

February 27th, Wednesday, 6:00pm:
Henderson Association Trustee’s meeting with projected education to follow once meeting is concluded.

Brother Isaias Vargas, Worshipful Master 2013

Greetings Brethren,

This past month was busy for us.  We’ve been able to attend most of the Official Visits in our area to support our MW R. M. Hoaglin and we were able to enjoy the good fellowship with our brethren.

I would like to specifically thank all the officers and other Brethren who have participated in the visitations so far, and invite you all to continue your support wherever and whenever you can.

In January we initiated our newest member  and conferred our first EA Degree this year and I’d like to thank each and every brother that made this happen.

We will be holding our annual George Washington Education and Celebration Dinner with our sister lodge Acacia #49, and this year our  brethren from King Solomon’s Lodge #58 will be joining us, I am looking forward to this event and the fellowship that will go along with it.

Boulder City #37 will have their GMOV this month, I encourage every officer and all brethren to attend if you are able.

Fraternally and Sincerely,
Isaias R. Vargas JR.
Worshipful Master

Keir Hales, Senior Warden, 2013


Beginning in High School and continuing throughout our professional careers, most of us are called upon to give reports, sometimes just in the form of a talk, and at other times, with the aid of handouts, or projected presentations. It has been suggested that there should be 10 minutes of research for every 1 minute of presentation, even more for shorter presentations. It is also well known that the person who learns the most from the presentation is the presenter.

As such there is a two-fold reason for learning the Masonic ritual. The first and most obvious is so that I, as Senior Warden, have a larger pool of willing and able brothers to draw from to add variety and wider participation in our ritual work. But perhaps the more important reason, is that by committing these words to memory, we learn the lessons and ideals to which we so adamantly profess to adhere.

When opportunities arise suddenly, the strength and conviction to make the wise choices and life decisions that separate the remarkable man from the commoner can only come to us in proportion to the amount of knowledge of Masonry’s ageless wisdom that we possess at that very moment.

Keir Hales
Senior Warden

Pat Welsh Jr, Junior Warden 2013


I am certain that a good time was had by all at our January fellowship dinner. In February we will be joined by our brothers from Acacia #49 and King Solomon #58 for our George Washington  observance. The menu will consist of Chicken Cordon Bleu, Twice Baked Potatoes and Fresh Steamed Vegetables. The desserts will be provided by our Acacia brothers, as is the tradition.

I also understand we will have a visit from George himself! I will also take this opportunity to remind everyone that a five dollar fee for the dinner has been re-instituted to help supplement the Junior Warden’s Fund. Moving forward into our Masonic year we will also be taking donations of non-perishable food items to donate  to various food banks that minister to those in need in the Henderson area. This month we are supporting “Giving Life Ministries”. They are located in old town Henderson on 416 Perlite Way. I was given a tour of their facility by Associate Pastor John Bagwell.  The morning I was there I saw some of the folks who were benefiting from this food bank, and Brothers, all I can say is I was deeply moved by the experience. The vast majority of their clients were elderly men and women and a few mothers with small children.  I sincerely hope we as a Fraternity can ease the hunger of some of these people. Pastor John also collects new or used clothing and anything brought to the Lodge will be passed along to “Giving Life”. We will take donations on the evening of our dinner and  in the week following, after which I will bring everything we collect over to their facility.

In closing I wish to thank all of you for your support and kind words, I truly appreciate it and I appreciate the opportunity to serve as your J.W.

Patrick Welsh
Junior Warden

WB Mike Harris, PM, Secretary 2013


Well the year is rapidly gearing up to be a productive one. Our core of officers have been busy making our presence known at a variety of official visits, and planning a very active year within the lodge and abroad in the community. Our Junior Warden is beginning a food drive to help the less fortunate in our community and if anyone would like to donate please come to the dinner or contact me and we can arrange a pickup/dropoff location that is convenient.

Our senior warden is already getting his feet wet by having planned the degree team in January and I would like to welcome Michael McElwain to the craft as our newest member and Entered Apprentice.

Our Master has been busy making plans for a fruitful year, including regular monthly education, officers breakfast meeting, visiting and enjoying fellowship with brothers of all lodges throughout our jurisdiction, and really engaging the lodge in discussions of fundraising and community outreach. Meanwhile back at the ranch I am fastidiously laboring away to attempt to provide a better service to my brethren than I did last year, as I believe, there is always room for improvement, I will continue to do so.

Mike Harris PM