Officer’s Messages – April 2022

From the East

As Spring is in the Air, we are starting a busy time we have many degrees to finish up before summer. I want to thank Kevin, Cristian , Bedford as well Dick , From now on we will have a least 4 people ready to sit in East. We are doing a great Job.

Delvin Bourn, Worshipful Master

From the West

Brothers, thank you for all you hard work and isn’t great to get back to lodge. We have several degrees in the near future, and I am looking to fill spots. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in filling a position.

Kevin Webster, Senior Warden

From the South

A new month begins and we already have the mindset and the necessary momentum for a great Stated Meeting and more degree conferral meetings. It Is my responsibility to ensure that you enjoy good refreshments and healthy food. As you may have noticed, our signature soups are an important part of our dinners for this Masonic year.

The two artistic glasses presented during our last Family Dinner were just a sample of what our ladies will be decorating at the Mother’s Day workshop in May. An attendance confirmation at or (626) 379-0137 will help us plan accordingly for supplies and… wine… glasses.

Thank you and, oh!… pay attention to the first day of the month! Good brothers know why!

Happy April’s Fool Day!

Vasile Cristian Gliga, Junior Warden

From the Secretary

Spring is finally here! We have a busy next few months before the summer break. Don’t forget to send in your dues if have yet to do so or you can always pay online through our website.

Eric Holder, Secretary