The chairs in the South, with jewels, aprons, rods, pillars, and gavel.

From the South – March 2015


I take part of my communication this month to share my concept of our – “Food and Fellowship events.”  Everybody gets the food part.  So, what is the fellowship part?  My use of the word is a friendly relationship, interaction, exchange, or camaraderie among people who share similar interests or feelings. In other words sharing a moment in time with brothers you know and those from afar.

On  March 4  at 6:30, I will be serving BBQ shredded chicken, chips, salad and dessert.

This month’s Family Dinner will be Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, vegetables, salad, and dessert.

I hope you can join us in March as we looking forward to great fellowship.

Tony York
Junior Warden