WB Mike Harris, PM, Secretary 2013

From the Secretary – January 2013


Well the year is rapidly gearing up to be a productive one. Our core of officers have been busy making our presence known at a variety of official visits, and planning a very active year within the lodge and abroad in the community. Our Junior Warden is beginning a food drive to help the less fortunate in our community and if anyone would like to donate please come to the dinner or contact me and we can arrange a pickup/dropoff location that is convenient.

Our senior warden is already getting his feet wet by having planned the degree team in January and I would like to welcome Michael McElwain to the craft as our newest member and Entered Apprentice.

Our Master has been busy making plans for a fruitful year, including regular monthly education, officers breakfast meeting, visiting and enjoying fellowship with brothers of all lodges throughout our jurisdiction, and really engaging the lodge in discussions of fundraising and community outreach. Meanwhile back at the ranch I am fastidiously laboring away to attempt to provide a better service to my brethren than I did last year, as I believe, there is always room for improvement, I will continue to do so.

Mike Harris PM