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Officer’s Messages – September 2022

From the East

I hope all had a great summer. Now that we are back we have a busy schedule , til the end of year, During the summer we went to Pahrump and Robert Burns GMOV. We have some good stuff coming up , we have a few degrees, The third Wednesday we are going to Prince Hall . We also have an outing to Utah as a lodge. We may have a quail hunt also that is still in the planning stage. Ready for the rest of year.

Delvin Bourn, Worshipful Master

From the West

I can’t wait to see everyone back in lodge after the summer break. We have a lot of work coming up so if you’re interested in doing a part please let me know!

Kevin Webster, Senior Warden

From the South

I hope you enjoyed the summer break as much as you missed our work at the lodge and our gatherings at the dinners we prepare with love and dedication.

As you know, in October, we will receive the visit of our Grand Master, and we will also be honored to welcome his wife at our lodge. We find this an excellent opportunity to hold another creative workshop, for our ladies: Fall Decorative Jars. An attendance confirmation at or (626) 379-0137 will help us plan accordingly.

Vasile Cristian Gliga, Junior Warden

From the Secretary

Fall is in the air…wait, no it’s not. It is still hot out there but we’ll keep it cool in lodge. If you haven’t been to Mt. Moriah in a while, then make sure to stop by and see the great work our brothers are doing each and every week.

Eric Holder, Secretary