Officer’s Messages – November 2021

From the East

Brethren, we are continuing to stay busy. November will be no different and is Thanksgiving to boot. Just as a reminder: the December stated meeting is election of Officers. I again thank all my Officers, PMs, and Master Masons for all your help and cooperation. This year would not be so successful without you. I do wish more of you would return to Lodge.

Richard (Dick) Wright, Worshipful Master

From the West


It is so good to see the practice time that the Officers are putting in for the degree work. Once again, I would like to thank the brothers that have been stepping up to help out on not only the degrees but our stated meetings as well. We will be seeing more 3rd degrees in the near future and we all know how important it is to make sure we do our parts well. I encourage all master masons to join in the practices we will be having for the 3rd degrees as we do have a good time doing them. As always, God bless, stay safe, and enjoy life.

Tim Michaels, Senior Warden

From the South


I hope all is well with everyone. We have a few degrees this month and I hope we can get as much participation as possible and really give these brothers the best experience we can. I also hope everyone has enjoyed the meals so far this year. This month we will be having meatloaf for the stated meeting dinner. Also, on October 8th we are planning a Master Mason getaway at Duck Creek. Anyone with good ideas for the meals they want me to prepare there should contact me as soon as possible!

Delvin Bourn, Junior Warden

From the Secretary

It is almost December. Dues for 2022 will be sent out soon. Remember that they can be paid through the website, or through cash or check with me. See you all in Lodge!

Eric Willson, Secretary