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Officer’s Messages – July 2021

From the East

Brethren, we are back in business and doing well. As I said earlier last month, we will not be dark for the summer, in order to catch up on degrees. However, I need to push our candidate brothers to work hard in order to progress.

Thanks to W. Keir Hales and to W. Worshipful John Krikorian for their well-prepared education nights.

For Master Masons, Lodge polo shirts are here in all sizes. Only $25 each.

I look forward to seeing each of you at Lodge.

Richard (Dick) Wright, Worshipful Master

From the West

‘I am a Mason’

If you are reading this, you are probably a Mason. I may not know you, but I believe if we met, we could form a friendship. As a Mason, I can be generous and will offer help when needed and can do so. As a Mason, you can trust me with a secret. As a Mason I believe in my morals and values. I sometimes must remind myself of my obligations of being a Mason and I always feel a better person afterwards. It’s a crazy world we live in but let’s share our brotherly love and support for not only each other but co-workers, friends and, of course, family members with a hug, handshake or a kind word.

‘I am a Mason,’ and proud of it.

Tim Michaels, Senior Warden

From the South

I hope all is well with the brethren. We had a great turnout for our first Family dinner in sixteen months.

The Grand Master’s Official Visit went well, too. I have great menus planned for the rest of the year. A big thank you goes to our Stewards, Bedford and Steve, and the other Brothers that helped, Let’s have a great Year. And look forward to great meals.

Delvin Bourn, Junior Warden

From the Secretary

I am happy to be back in Lodge and, as such, to remind you that dues for 2021 are payable. Thanks to those who have paid. The dues amount remains $111.00. Thanks.

Rob Noland, Secretary