The Worshipful Master's Gavel

Officers Messages – February 2018

From the East
WM Dennis Ashley

I hope you find as much enjoyment in reading the Trestle Boards from our other lodges around Southern Nevada as I do. I purposely find time to read each and they are always meaningful and fulfilling. It gives me a broader perspective on Masonry as a whole; but it also gives me a more intimate look into that particular brother’s heart. And it just so happens to be an inestimable gift to us.

This time the Greatest Light in Masonry directed me to expound lightly on listening. So here’s my interpretation:

The people most likely to gain knowledge are those who are willing to listen. It is a sign of strength not weakness to pay attention to what others have to say. People who are eager to listen continue to learn and grow throughout their lives. If we refuse to become set in our ways, we can always expand the limits of our knowledge.

It’s becoming quite clear to me, that my Mentors goal for me, as a Mason, was more than merely to see that I profess my Faith or attend Lodge regularly. But more importantly it is to see that I’ve become more mature in the practice of Masonry. And for an important point I THANK YOU earnestly!!!

Dennis Ashley,
Worshipful Master

From the West
Bro Eric Willson

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday season. The dinners were a huge success, and it was fun seeing so many people attending.

The lodge has a lot of new members and incoming petitions this year. Degree work is going to be a regular event in the coming months. I feel there is nothing more fun and exciting than putting on a degree. The more expertly executed, the more pride and pleasure we take in them. Lets all go the extra mile this year in learning our work!

Eric Willson
Senior Warden

From the South
Bro John Krikorian

We have a very full calendar of degree work and other meetings coming up, which is delightful to see. Each evening that we meet, there are always Brothers that we want to greet, questions about Lodge business that we must conduct, and rituals to prepare for. It can always be quite busy before the gavel falls.

But I would ask every Brother to take just a moment and consider something new each Lodge night. Whether it be the splendor of our rituals, or the beauty of our various charitable efforts, or simply the companionship of your Brothers, take the time to see something new in Masonry for yourself and for the Brothers around you. Being deliberate and thoughtful about your Masonic journey will only increase the significance of each night, not only to you, but to the Brothers around you as well.

John Krikorian
Junior Warden

From the Secretary
Bro Larry Kesler, PM

The Worshipful master has indicated that he would like the education programs to the Lodge to come from the heart if at all possible.

There are occasions when this will not happen when a “Canned” programs is done in order that we get some sort of education during the Communications’.

What does it mean to be Political, it means that all to do with citizenship of a man’s life to a neighbor and as a member of his community. All that it requires is that he is a freemason, in no sense a slave, a bondsman or someone that has lost his right of citizenship; he’s his own master, free from discharge his Masonic duties without outside interferences. He must be of “good report” in otherwise have a good reputation from those that know him best. Must be a good citizen that obeys as is expressed in the “Old Charges” to a “Civil Magistrate” and to keep from getting involved in rebellions and mobs in defiance of tranquility of public order.

Larry G. Kesler, Sec.