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Officer’s Messages – September 2017

From the East
WM Tony York

Welcome back, we are excited to resume our year and get back to our degree work, social events and lodge activities.  As our Fall calendar is very full of pending degrees and events, I have provided our projected calendar for the remaining of my year as Master of Mount Moriah.

As I pause to reflect on my year and look forward to the fall, I would like to thank the brothers for their support and assistance. I am keenly aware that I am a temporary custodian of the East and only as successful as the level of support of my officers and my fellow Brothers!!

Thank you everyone for your efforts in making my year successful. As we move forward I encourage you to come and get involved with the lodge. If I can help you be involved with the lodge or event, please let me know how I can support you in this endeavor.

For those that are able, please consider making plans to attend this year’s Grand Lodge Sessions, November 12-14, at the Orleans in support of our Brother and Most Worshipful Grand Master Gerald Ogle. Registration information will soon be available at Nevada Grand Lodge Website.

From the West
Bro Dennis Ashley

It is time for us to resume work and what a full schedule we have this month.  We each have a duty to, behave in an orderly fashion, work true and faithfully, learn and expand on our basic obligations while promoting the benefits of Masonry in society.  We will always recognize, adhere to and promote that the preferment among MASONS is grounded on Worth and personal merit only.

I have a newfound enthusiasm for Masonry while anticipating your legitimate trust, of my worthiness to place the advancement of the lodge into my care.  I have retained a belief after careful study that a lodge led by capable and enterprising officers will remain functional and fully vibrant.  Engaging our more experienced Brothers about preparing the lesser informed Brother for leadership is more important now more than ever.

Let’s make Freemasonry meaningful and purposeful in our community, at the same time letting our Grand Lodge know a lodge officer’s job is no sinecure; and let’s devote the time, energy and effort that the duties and responsibilities of Masonic office requires. Welcome back All.

From the South
Bro Eric Willson

I hope everyone had a great summer!  The heat was over the top this year.
The dinner this month is on the 13th, of Sept. 2017 at 6:30 PM and we will be having fried chicken with assorted sides.  Invite your friends!  I look forward to seeing you all.

From the Secretary
Bro Larry Kessler, PM

The 2018 Dues Notice will be sent out this year in November, because the year 2017 cards will run out on December 31, 2017, in this way we will get the dues paid on time. This is when the dues notices wear originally sent out not in the spring or summer like they had been sent in years past.