Holy Bible, Masonic Square and Compasses

Officer’s Messages – June 2017

From the East
WM Tony York

Greeting Brethren,

Thank you everyone who helped with and attended the Widows Dinner on May 10th.

As part of the Nevada Masonic observation of community education, I will be participating at Laura Dearing Elem. School for career day on June 7th.  I am calling on all available brothers to come and participate even if you are retired you are welcome to talk on your previous profession. Those available please sign up through Worshipful Brother Eric Holder.

As we come to summer, I encourage the brothers to continue maintain contact with your fellow brothers. The Summer is also a perfect time to work on any degree part you would like to be involved with presenting and for lodge officers looking to move to other chairs please learn the next chair of interest over the Summer. When we return in September, we have a very full month so if we would love see you at September event if you can’t make June Stated.

From the West
Bro Dennis Ashley

Please have a SAFE & BLISSFULL summer!!!

From the South
Bro Eric Willson

At the Stated meeting in June we will be serving
Spaghetti and Meatballs, I hope everyone enjoys their Summer.

From the Secretary
Bro Larry Kessler, PM

Mt. Moriah Lodge needs to Honor our fallen and here is one way.
I’m the American Flag
I’m the American flag, I will speak. Listen! I’m proud of my country. I’m not just some piece of cloth with Red, White Strips and Blue markings, I’m more than that, for yes, in spite of all her sins, and they are many, in spite of her shame, and she is not without her share of shame, I am still proud of America.
Show me any other country that is stainless, spotless, sinless or shameless over whose people I could fly with greater honor. I’m proud to fly over my imperfect America. For I know of no other people who have been swifter to unselfishly spend billions of dollars sailing strange seas, soaring through unfamiliar skies, to rescue beleaguered, besieged people with skin colors, facial features, foreign religions, that all seemed odd to the eyes of kids from Peoria, Illinois and Sioux City, Iowa. But, their hearts never noticed for the young G.I.’s saw them only as oppressed, tortured, fellow human beings who were hurting and crying for help.
Our crew cut American soldiers, with pluck, ploughed on through the mud, leaving a trail of their own blood behind as they liberated people they had never seen before and would never see again. And along the way they found time to deliver babies of primitive mothers and pass out chewing gum and candy to children.
And with the peace they simply went home to Mom, asking no thanks and expecting no monuments, surely never aiming to conquer territory or build a world empire!
I’m proud of my people’s gifts to the world.
For two hundred years, I’ve been packed up in the trunks and suitcases of doctors, clergymen, missionaries, educators and along with the soldiers. Together we traveled to Africa, China, Germany, India, Japan and the uttermost parts of the earth to share the good life we were enjoying in America. Here these ambassadors built institutions that still stand today – hospitals, schools, and churches.
For no other country knows greater freedom than my country.
Freedom to each man, woman and child, to choose his life’s work as doctor, lawyer, astronaut or agriculturist.
Freedom to travel from state to state without armed guards at state borders demanding to see passports.
Freedom to try and succeed.
Freedom to fail and not be cast in prison for failure.
Freedom to speak, write, praise, question or criticize anyone, no matter how high his station or rank, and not fear a wiretap on the telephone or a knock at the door at night.
Freedom to save and build a fortune you may give away at the end of your life to your family, church or friends.
Freedom to worship or not to worship, as the mind and heart dictate.
Every Saturday I am found in Jewish temples where I hear the worshipers chant: “Hear, 0 Israel: the Lord our God is one Lord.”
And on Sundays in Catholic churches I hear them repeat: “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.”
And in Protestant churches I hear them sing: “What a friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and grief’s to bear.”
Yes! I am the American Flag, proud of the opportunities in my country.
Freedom to borrow and build, to buy and sell, to make an honest profit in return for real service sincerely offered.
Freedom to start your own business and become a capitalist, to create dignified job opportunities for people who want to know pride of honestly working for a living.
I am proud of the harvest of our land; corn, wheat, cotton, apples, nuts, cherries, oranges, pineapples. I see the harvest of my fifty states, and I am proud. Let’s be proud of our country!
Look at the fruit of her hand, for out of factories and laboratories an endless creations of new products flows forth: Look at the fruit of her hand, for out of factories and laboratories an endless creation of new products flows forth:

  • wonder drugs and vaccines to destroy ancient plagues that for centuries children and struck terror in hearts of mothers every time they felt a fever on child’s brow.
  • tools to handle any task, to reach the moon, to move mountains, or to penetrate and photograph the inside of a human heart.
  • tools made of iron, tools made of plastic, tools made of diamonds
  • tools made of glass, tools made of laser beams.

I am proud of my country; I say be proud that you’re an American.
Be proud! Be confident! Be bold!
You can do anything you want to do!
You can climb any mountain! For the possibilities are unlimited!
Except as you limit them with a cynical, bitter, negative attitude! Yes, when you see me flying in legislative halls, schools, court houses and churches, listen to the rustle of my stars and stripes as I cry out to every boy and girl, every man and woman – Dream your dreams! Dare to believe! You can make it in America!
I’m the American Flag