Officer’s Messages – April 2017

From the East
WM Tony York

I want to thank the Representatives from NV Rainbow Girls Daylite # 22 who spoke to us on March 15th as part of our observance of March as Nevada Masonic Youth Month.
As spring arrives, we have been busy with activities and an increase in visitors. When at lodge be sure to take time to meet our visitors and share in our activities.
The last two family dinners have involved a real fellowship atmosphere and I encourage you to help keep the festivities going by attending our family dinners.
It is that time of year to remember to support the scholarship fund. If means are permitting, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation to the Lodge for awarding scholarships to Basic High School Seniors.
It is not too late to register for the Nevada Masonic Leadership Conference (Las Vegas) Conference April 21-23, 2017 the Conference details and registration form is available on the Nevada Grand Lodge website. We would love to have the lodge well represented at the conference.

From the West
Bro Dennis Ashley

The summer is quickly approaching us and soon we’ll find ourselves spending more time abroad than in the lodge. While most has held a prejudiced view of Freemasonry, it is still up to us to convince the world of its magnificence. It is important not to neglect our loved ones (Masons included), and to also balance a hectic work and Masonic schedule. So, it’s ok to call on your fellow brother for any type fellowship or wisdom.
It will not be long before our new stations approach and much is expected from us upon arrival, but remember; “proper preparation prevents poor performances”. I hope to see you all at the NMLC, in closing. Remain steadfast!!!

From the South
Bro Eric Willson

I hope April finds everyone healthy and in good spirits. This month we are going to have assorted sandwiches and sides for the stated meeting.
Family dinner is on the 12th of the month, and we will be serving Mexican food. Everyone is welcome and I look forward to seeing you there!

From the Secretary
Bro Larry Kessler, PM

From the Secretary,
List of Dates for your Calendar
April 3 – HTA Meeting
April 5 – Stated Meeting 730 pm
April 12 – Family Dinner 630 pm
April 19 – As Called 7 pm
April 21-23 – NMLC
April 26 – As Called 7 pm

May 1 – HTA Meeting
May 3 – Stated Meeting 730 pm
May 10 – (Widow’s Appreciation) & Family Dinner 630 pm
May 17 – As Called 7 pm
May 24 – As Called 7 pm
May 31 – As Called 7 pm

June 5 – HTA Meeting
Hope to see you all soon.

Dues Card
What is a dues card and what sort of privileges does it give you?
Have you lately and really looked at your dues card? What’s so special about it? Take it out of that hidden place in your wallet and let’s take a look at it. It’s that small piece of paper or card that has written on it several things or items that should be important to you.
Somewhere (usually near the top) is the name of the Lodge that issued you your card which you are a member of, which you must really care for and are proud enough that you carry that card that you belong to as a member of that Lodge. Just that name alone will give you some special privileges, such as being able to attend a lodge of your choice (if you pass their entry tests.)
Within that Lodge you are a member of, it automatically allows you to enter and to partake in the meetings or Communications, such being able to Vote on any special legislation or motion that the Lodge that will be presented and if you have a valid card you can vote, which means that your card must be valid.
On that Card, there is a place on it that has your name typed or written out, and it identifies that it’s you and yours only.
Under your name is the date that the card is valid for and for the length of time it’s valid. This is very important because this date it expires the same time every year. In this way, you don’t have to be reminded when to pay the dues that the lodges require in order the lodge being able to pay their obligations’ and bills that come due during the year.
Below that date is probably is most likely the date that you last paid and the amount, I hope that it’s just prior to the Expiration date, because any time after the expiration date it starts the clock and you become in violation and could be dropped from the roll of membership for Non-payment of Dues (NPD), I don’t think you want that.
Near the bottom is the Signature of the person issuing the card to you is on the card, and along with the Mt. Moriah Lodge Seal is stamped on the Card, along with the Grand Lodge information on the front and back with own Seal and Signature of a Grand Secretary.
I think one of the most important Signature lines on the card is where the member signs his name because he acknowledges and verifies all his obligation information on the card and will abide with what the card stands for.