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Officer’s Messages – February 2017

From the East
WM Tony York

Greetings from the East,
As February arrives, we are preparing to hold our annual George Washington observance and dinner in conjunction with Acacia #49 at Mt Moriah with dinner at 630 and the program to follow at 715. Please come out for some great food, fellowship and education.
As one of my goals this year is to re-connect with our brothers who haven’t attended lately or cannot attend lodge; my first step is to use this column to reach out to you to ask you to let us know how we can help you be part of the lodge.
Lastly, we have many opportunities to be involved in degree work — we also have some very eager, knowledgeable brothers who would like to help you on this journey. If you have a desire to fill a role, please let us know how we can help you accomplish this this year.

From the West
Bro Dennis Ashley

As we gain momentum welcoming in the new year, we are also welcoming new faces. So, it is paramount that we show them why we chose Masonry. We have an unwavering attachment to the community, but at times it seems to be somewhat detached. Young men unknowingly solicit our wisdom simply by us and reputation, at first, it’s about the craft, but after careful conversation it’s truly about how can Freemasonry make them better.
So, we must stay informed and remain steadfast about what we represent. We have a great core of members and some of them possess extreme intelligence regarding Freemasonry.
Outward demeanor must insinuate that we believe we are held to a higher standard. Let’s tighten our grip in the community and demonstrate why harmony is the support of all institutions, especially this of ours.

From the South
Bro Eric Willson

I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves at the January family dinner! It was a great turn out and I thank all those who attended.
This month we will be having meatball sliders for the stated meeting, along with the usual snacks. If anyone has anything they would like me to stock up on snack wise, let me know this month and I’ll see what I can do.
The February family dinner is our annual George Washington Dinner! It kicks off at 6:30 PM and all are welcome. The meal will consist of good old fashioned comfort food, roast beef, potatoes, and vegetables.

From the Secretary
Bro Larry Kessler, PM

Brethren: I’m reevaluating my membership records and as you know the Dues for 2017 (or at least you should know) are due, and since I’ve taken on the job of colleting them. The price is still the same only $76.00 unless you donate extra for some Masonic Charity such as the Scholarship fund, and that’s whatever amount you decide.

So, I want to give you a head up that they are now due for those of you have not already sent them to the Lodge. I’m sure that you do look at your dues cards once and a while and it should give you some sort of reminder when they are coming due without the Secretary dues notices to remind you, so how about being an outstanding Mason and send them to the Lodge.