The Chair in the West, with jewel, apron, pillar, and gavel.

From the West – June 2016


Summer is here and as this is our last Trestleboard before September. I would like take my column to address two topics.

First, I would like to present to the lodge and HTA members the two proposed By-Law changes (amendments) that the HTA board will be introducing at the June stated meeting and after discussion and input would like to bring before the HTA members at the “HTA Annual Meeting”, which takes place within the Mount Moriah September Stated meeting.

These two amendments are intended on aiding the HTA with the ability to have a quorum for the monthly meetings and to have those meetings at a time that is convenient for both Mt Moriah & the HTA

Proposed change #1 Draft – add b to Section 2
Members & Qualifications  Section 2
b) At any scheduled meeting , if there is not a recognized quorum present, the sitting officer may select a member of the Henderson Temple Association (HTA) who is present to participate and cast a vote for the missing member.

Proposed change #2 Draft – amend section 2
Meeting and Voting  Section 2
Shall be held on the Monday preceding the Mount Moriah Stated Meeting, or as designated by the HTA Board of which due and timely notice will be given.

These are drafts and you will have the ability to give input at both the June and September stated meeting as well as all HTA board meetings preceding  the Annual meeting.

Lastly, I reflect on our first part of the year with pride and look forward to more fellowship when we return to lodge in September. I hope you all have a great summer.

Tony York
Senior Warden