The Worshipful Master's Station in the East with Jewel, Apron, and Gavel.

From the East – May 2016

Greetings from the East,

As Master of Mt. Moriah Lodge one of my top priorities for the year has been to provide opportunities for training and personal growth.  So far, we have held multiple education nights as well as meetings dedicated to practicing degree work. As a result, I have had several brothers share with me how they are working hard on different parts for degrees. Some brothers are getting their feet wet by taking on the working tools while others are taking the plunge by studying lectures. For anyone that would like help with any part, feel free to give me a call or text and I would be more than happy to meet with you.

Degree work is not everyone’s forte though, which is why education nights are so important to the lodge.  Over the past few months the education provided by our brothers has enlightened many and sparked curiosity in all those that attend.  I highly encourage everyone to join the next education night we will be having later this month.

All of the lessons we learn and practice in lodge are designed to make us better men outside of lodge. There is no greater example of this than how we help and support the families of our fallen brothers. This year has been difficult for many of us as we have seen too many of our brothers lay down their working tools for the last time but this month we can take a moment to celebrate their lives and honor their wives during our “Widows’ Dinner.” I look forward to seeing everyone there for this very important event.

Finally, on a personal note, my wife and I were overjoyed to welcome our son into the world on the 6th. Theodore and mama are doing great and thank you to all for the kind messages we received.

Also, thank you to the brothers for filling in during my absence. I hope to see you at our stated
meeting and May the 4th be with you.

Eric Holder, WM