The chairs in the west, with jewels and aprons waiting.

From the West – April 2016

I take this month’s column to call attention to an upcoming Masonic Workshop that will be held on: April 30, 9:00 am at the Masonic Memorial Temple, 2200 W. Mesquite Ave, Las Vegas, NV.
There will be a refreshments and lunch served for a reasonable price and it is expected to finish by 3:00 pm. This workshop, in combination with a Fall Workshop, is a replacement for the Nevada Masonic Leadership Conference which has been canceled for 2016. The April Workshop is expected to cover the Entered Apprentice degree in the AM, and the Fellowcraft degree in the afternoon.  It also will cover some general information regarding conducting candidates, conducting practices, learning ritual, using floor work plates, and decorum during Masonic Degrees.

RSVP is requested so that seating and food/beverages counts can be gathered. Since the Grand Lecturer is requesting each lodge send a single email to the Grand Lodge with anticipated attendees, Please let the Worshipful Master/Secretary know at/or before the Stated meeting. 

As a reminder from March’s Trestleboard, we thank you in advance for your support of the Scholarship fund.

Tony York
Senior Warden