The Chair in the South, with jewel, apron, pillar, and gavel.

From the South – February 2016


I’m most certain that a good time was had by all that attended the January fellowship dinner. Gentlemen I strongly encourage you to partake in our dinners, sit with and gain some knowledge from some of our more experienced Masons. I guarantee you will come away with added value.

As February approaches we have several other meaningful events such as the Valentines dance on Saturday the 6th between 6-9pm held right here in our lodge. It affords us the opportunity to show a great appreciation to our ladies for the undeniable support they give us daily. As previously mentioned we will be attending Acacia lodge #49 for our George Washington Observance Dinner this month on the 10th; I would love for us to show up in strong numbers, it reflects well on the lodge. Brethren, the KITTY is there to help supplement the Junior Warden’s fund (just a reminder)!!!

Practice and Polish; remember it is our duty to convince the world that by becoming a Master Mason you have become a better MAN. I truly appreciate the vote of confidence you have in me as Junior Warden, and look forward to continuing to serve the office with the level of respect expected.


Dennis Ashley
Junior Warden