The Chair in the South, with jewel, apron, pillar, and gavel.

From the South – January 2016


From the south, where BEAUTY is found, as well as great refreshments. I am certain that everyone who attended the Christmas Dinner was thoroughly impressed by the dinner, but more importantly THE FELLOWSHIP.

Speaking of fellowship; Two Past Grand Masters, One Sitting Grand Master, and One Deputy Grand Master, Brethren we are truly blessed with the wisdom that surrounds us. So, use your RESOURCES wisely. Our lodge is gaining momentum, people are talking about the good work we do. So let’s keep raising the bar and let’s PRACTICE and POLISH to become that perfect ashlar.

From the kindness of her heart and for her love of cooking, Chef Dia, my wife Tracy, and Betty Snowden has volunteered their time so that we may refresh ourselves very very well. So if you happen to see them in passing, kindly thank them and let them know we appreciate them as well. Our January menu will consist of either: an authentic Mexican meal or pulled pork, pulled chicken, baked beans, green beans, cole slaw and homemade cookies. PRACTICE and POLISH should be our new catchphrase, we do have the talent!

Dennis Ashley
Junior Warden