The Chair in the South, with jewel, apron, pillar, and gavel.

From the South – February 2015

As we begin a new year, I am blessed to be part of Mt. Moriah and that you have entrusted me with the duties in the South. Thank you for your faith in me and I am excited for the upcoming year. As Junior Warden this year I will be serving “Food & Fellowship” at 6:30 prior to the stated meetings each month. I will be putting the food away at 7:15 so we can make it into lodge on time. Please encourage all in joining us.

For February I will be serving pulled pork, chips, salad and dessert. This month’s Family Dinner will be on the 18th and in conjunction with the George Washington Observance which is at Mt. Moriah this year. This is a joint communication with our brothers from Acacia Lodge, also we have asked King Solomon Lodge to join us. We will be having pot roast , vegetables, salad, and dessert. I look forward to a spectacular 2015, won’t you come join us and make it so!!

Tony York
Junior Warden