The Worshipful Master's Jewel, the square

From the East – February 2014


This is my first trestle board entry as the new Worshipful Master, due to a printer error last month, and I still feel both humbled and inadequate to follow in the footsteps of the brethren who have so amply preceded me. I look forward to serving you earnestly in the coming year, and hope that together we can make it fun, instructional and memorable.

I earnestly solicit your comments and ideas as we go along. As we sit in lodge it is no accident that we face different directions. That gives each of us a different perspective of what is going on, giving each of us the possibility of seeing something that can be improved from a perspective that others may not have noticed from their position. However, each of us still face the three great lights in Masonry, reminding us where the source of all our inspiration does and should come from.

Many of us have had to skip chairs this year. That challenges us with new learning opportunities that come to us faster than we were anticipating. As we rise to the challenge of our new responsibilities, let us not forget to look back at the seat we skipped and endeavor not to overlook what we might have learnt from that chair too.


Keir Hales

Worshipful Master