Keir Hales, Senior Warden, 2013

From the West – November 2013


For me, Masonry in the second half of the year is a special time. After a rejuvenating Summer break, the second half of the year is a time when I can really excel at my station. Having learned the lines for my seat during the first half of the year, I can start to focus on the seat above me. Having spend the first half of the year getting proficient and comfortable with my lines, It is a time to polish ritual, and really start to enjoy the degree work. It is a time to learn other parts, like the apron lecture, or the prayers, or parts of the charge. It is a time to do some masonic reading and chase some masonic thoughts and ideas and see where they lead.

However, we have suffered from dwindling numbers in the second half of this year, to the point where I have struggled just to fill enough seats to open lodge. Brethren, we need to renew our commitment, do some self evaluation and adjust our cable tow if necessary. Masonry is for the betterment of ourselves and our brothers. We cannot achieve that goal with half-hearted participation.

Keir Hales
Senior Warden